Welcome to the Loomo-Verse

If you’re an investor in Nigeria, you’re probably in one of these two categories. You’re into fixed income investments or opportunities like agriculture and real estate on a savings platform. Or you’re  a trader, investing in stocks and cryptos.

If you fall into the first category, you probably have to deal with little returns which may limit your ability to build wealth while if you fall under the second category, you’ve had to face the harsh reality of huge losses due to the instability of the financial markets, lack of support, and complicated features.

It’s not enough to just be in one category. If you want to have a well-balanced investment portfolio, you need the right balance of low and high risk opportunities in your investment portfolio. Good news! Loomo is here to help.

What is Loomo?

Loomo is an investment platform that helps you safely diversify your investment portfolio into high-growth opportunities in regulated markets. In other words, we work hard to get you better returns in the safest way possible. All opportunities listed on the Loomo app are growth stocks. Growth stocks are stocks that grow at a faster rate than the average stock in the market and consequently, generate earnings more rapidly. Learn more.

Unlike most trading apps, Loomo won’t overwhelm you with 10,000 stocks to invest in. Loomo curates a list of great opportunities and even better, helps you apply the right investment strategy (Dollar Cost Averaging – DCA) to grow your portfolio. Learn more about DCA.

Our first opportunities come from the Bitcoin and Electric Vehicle Industries.

Love it or hate it, Bitcoin is here to stay and everyone who got in early got $rich$. The recent drop in price from the previous all time highs of $68,000 has created a new opportunity for those who missed out. Learn more.

Oya while we battle for stable electricity in Nigeria, the world has turned its attention to the future of automobiles; Electric Vehicles – EVs. Several major markets including China and US states have voted in laws to abolish the sale of Internal Combustion Engines – ICE (petrol and diesel engine cars) in the coming years, ushering in the age of EVs. Learn more.

What is our Goal?

Successful investing is about managing risks, not avoiding it – Benjamin Graham

We believe that building a balanced portfolio requires that you have a mix of different risk levels to spread risks and maximize returns. 

Savings app investors can use Loomo to add some higher risk assets to their portfolio. Loomo is a better alternative to stock trading and crypto platforms. You won’t be overwhelmed by complicated features, many investment choices, and all our investment opportunities are from regulated markets.

Crypto and stock traders should see Loomo as a safety net that still provides highly lucrative long term opportunities unlike savings apps. Unlike other crypto exchanges, Loomo won’t get your account frozen!

We understand that you’re already investing using your favorite platforms. Our goal is not for you to ditch your favorite platforms but to become your go-to platform for high-growth opportunities. Loomo does 1 thing and does it very well – auto-invest in high growth stocks.

Just the way you have different bank accounts for spending, saving and other financial goals, you should have different investment apps for different types of investments. For peace of mind, you also shouldn’t put all your eggs (investments) in one basket (platform). 

Our Community

The journey to financial freedom can be lonely. We are growing a community of champions intentional about their journey to financial freedom. We provide you with tools, resources to help you navigate your finances better.

If you have any issues, our support team is always available to receive your complaints and resolve them. Simply message the chat box and we will be there.

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How to get started

To get started, follow the easy steps below

  • Download the app on IOS or Google play store
  • Register and sign in
  • Setup your account 
  • Complete account verification
  • Fund your wallet
  • Select an investment opportunity 

Welcome to a world of high-growth opportunities. Welcome to the Loomo-verse.