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"Over 80% of stock trading app investors lose money due to avoidable mistakes."


LOOMO’s Guardrails Approach to Investing

aims to eliminate basic investment mistakes to help boost profitability

Take the stress out of investing with our AutoInvest

Growth stocks tend to be volatile. Dollar Cost Averaging is the safest way to invest in them.

Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) consists of spreading the investment over a period of time so that it averages out and any drop in price doesn’t overly affect your investment.

LOOMO AutoInvest automates the Dollar Cost Averaging investing process.

Withdrawal successful

Successful withdrawal of 700,000 Naira to your bank account.

Not 10,000 Options

Not your typical Stock Trading App. We’re simplifying investing For The Nigerian Savings User.

Opportunity Format

We present all stocks in the form of Opportunities. Get info about the Opportunity, possible returns, projected target price, what are some of the risks and links to more resources for decision making.


High Growth Stocks

These stocks offer a higher growth rate than the market. They are innovative and possess some competitive advantage over other companies in their industry.



After you select an Opportunity and decide how much to invest monthly, LOOMO automates your investing using the Dollar Cost Averaging method - which is perfect for these types of investments.

Fund your account with Naira

Invest in Dollars

Top up using mobile money and direct bank transfers. Enjoy better returns thanks to investments in dollars.

The legal and compliant way
to invest in Bitcoin


No direct investments in cryptocurrencies. Instead, we offer exposure to crypto via investments in crypto-related stocks.


It gives you the benefits of investing in crypto without the hassle of actually owning any.


No keys to remember.
No worries about your bank account getting frozen.

Backup Plan

Crypto traders use LOOMO as a back up plan for safe long term investing that can still deliver the kind of high returns they are accustomed to.

LOOMO is backed by investors of leading African Fintechs

Frequently Asked Questions

Quickly find answers to questions most people ask about LOOMO

LOOMO this, LOOMO that.. What’s this Loomo all about?

LOOMO is a simplified investment platform in Africa, offering curated opportunities for high-return investments. You select an opportunity you like, then the auto-invest algorithm helps you invest using the Dollar Cost Averaging strategy.

Dollar Cost Averaging? What’s this complication?

It’s actually simple. Dollar-cost averaging or DCA; involves investing the same amount of money in your target asset at regular intervals over a certain period of time, regardless of price. Research shows that this investment strategy yields better results than trying to time the market for dips. Learn More

Ok, is LOOMO an investment advisor?

No, LOOMO is not an investment advisor. Loomo simply curates good investment opportunities and presents them in an easy way to understand. You get both sides of the story; the good and the bad. In the end, you decide where you want to invest and the amount. We simply automate the process.

Is this legit though? Are you registered with the authorities?

Yes, we are 100% legit! Loomo is a technology company incorporated in the US as Loomo Inc and in Nigeria as Loomo Systems Nigeria Limited. In order to provide you with a great fintech platform, we have partnered with Trove Technologies Limited for the regulatory cover. LOOMO runs an instance of Trove via api integration.

Who owns the assets?

You own your assets and they are in your name. You can sell them in your name during the New York Stock Exchange trading hours. See trading hours
On our end, we’ll do everything to ensure withdrawals happen in an hour or less, during Nigerian banking hours (9 am - 5 pm Monday to Friday).

This all sounds good but I already invest using my favorite savings app.

First off, congrats to you for taking steps towards your financial freedom. Keep using your savings app! Most savings apps are geared towards low-risk to medium-risk investment opportunities. That said, a good investment portfolio also needs to have some higher-risk opportunities to provide bigger returns.
And that’s where Loomo comes in. LOOMO focuses on growth stocks. These are stocks with above-average returns. These opportunities also come with a little bit more risk, so we focus on the safest options that minimize the risks.
Right now one of the biggest opportunities is in Bitcoin.

Hold UP! Did you say Bitcoin? Are you one of those?

Yes Bitcoin but wait. Hear us out. We are NOT a crypto exchange. We DO NOT sell NOR buy crypto directly.
There is currently a massive investment opportunity in Bitcoin. In the next 2 years, we should see future returns of 3X or 4X. As your guide to navigating riskier but more lucrative opportunities, we found a safe way for you to get the benefits of investing in it without any of the hassle (blocked bank accounts, scams, losing complex security codes, getting hacked, etc).

You must be more expensive than other apps. How much does this cost?

We are actually cheaper. We charge a commission of $0.6 per transaction but by joining our referral program our commission drops to $0.4. Reach out to find out how. We also have a very good FX conversion. We want to make sure you invest as much as possible. See all our fees

Trusted, Safe & Secure

Trading accounts are held by our partners, who are duly registered by the United States SEC and the Nigerian SEC.

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