Loomo Opportunities

Investing doesn’t have to be complicated. The most important thing is getting the right opportunities, knowing what the return could be, and having a  simple investment strategy. This is exactly what Loomo offers you.

The Loomo app presents stocks in the form of clear opportunities. Instead of scrolling through a thousand options, you can choose between just a few curated investment opportunities with good possible returns. You select the opportunity you like and how much you want to invest monthly. The app handles the rest.

Loomo opportunities focus solely on high- growth stocks. Find out more.

The first Loomo opportunities will come from two disruptive industries. One has a catalyst coming up in 2024 and while the other is taking over an industry from the 19th century.

Bitcoin is controversial but there is a massive opportunity here. Loomo offers Bitcoin investment in a safe manner. No frozen account. Find out more.

Electricity might not be stable in Nigeria, but the world is shifting towards electric vehicles. It’s exciting times ahead. In 2022, global EV sales made up 5% of total car sales and is expected to grow in the coming years. Find out more.